"God gave Lindsay gifts of compassion, understanding, acceptance, and knowledge. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to learn and grow, thanks to her gifts. Most of all I appreciate Lindsay's sense of humor. Laughter makes the session fun so I leave with a smile on my face."
-Male in his 40's

"Lindsay is so compassionate and knowledgeable when it comes to helping people through their struggles. I am a better person today with the guidance, help, and expertise of her. Days I see her are now my favorite days of the week."
-Female in her 30's

"You have helped me feel again, I can cry, I can smile, I can breathe. I can articulate my emotions. I can heal and move on in some areas of my abuse because of the work we have done. I can even get out of bed, take a shower, and get out of the house every day. Because of your effort to help me. I lived in this cocoon before counseling. Now I can step out into the real world and face it head on. Not be afraid of it. That’s huge!"
-Female in her 20's

"Lindsay provided a safe and comfortable environment that enabled me to share who I was and what I was struggling with. Her expertise and wisdom helped me discover my own answers to the issues I was facing.  She guided me into new ways of thinking and challenged me to trust my faith, my God and myself. Together we explored options but ultimately she helped me make my own decisions. I am very grateful for her help."
-Female in her 50's

"My husband and I had never been to therapy before and weren’t sure what to expect.  We have been pleasantly surprised with how great we both feel every time we leave Lindsay’s office.  She makes us feel comfortable telling our most private thoughts and feelings and helps us work through them together.  She has helped us become closer and have a stronger relationship than we have ever had."
-Couple in their 20's and 30's

"I came to Lindsay at a very low point in my life, having lost my father and undergoing turmoil at work. I was in a state of depression. It was a place that I wasn't sure I could return from. In our first meeting, Lindsay told me she was confident we could work my way to feeling normal again. I appreciated her empathy, encouragement, frank advice, and caring, as we met together over the past 6 months. I feel very blessed, that with her support, I am back to feeling myself again."
-Male in his 40's

"I look forward to each session as an opportunity to freely and openly express my feelings and experiences. Lindsay is great at creating a comfortable atmosphere for me to express myself in many ways. I love it when we have an ah-ha moment. It suddenly becomes clear."

"Lindsay has a way of offering advice with a direct yet very compassionate manner.  I appreciate her directness and her approach of not sugar-coating things while always making my questions or issues feel valid.  She has a fabulous style and is a great counselor.  I would recommend her to anyone I know."
                                                                        -Female her 50's

"I really appreciate Lindsay for helping me be me and saving my life.  I feel free, liberated, and surrounded by comfort.  I will always have ups and downs, but I have learned how to care for myself and give myself room to breathe and grown."
-Female in her 20's

"I began going to Lindsay when it became clear that my approach to jealousy, anger and fear in my relationship was not something that I could handle on my own. During our meetings I was, through active listening, encouraged to talk about what was troubling me without judgment. This gave me the motivation and ability to be honest and open about my situation as I did feel very alone. For me, talking with Lindsay was a great combination of being able to verbalize my thinking behind why I was feeling a certain way with a person who would give me honest feedback, help me break down and get to the root of why I was reacting the way that I was in my relationship as well as the tools I needed to learn to avoid emotional breakdowns. These tools included, writing down thoughts behind each issue to visualize and focus on the real problem, journaling to get my thoughts in order and learning to use my network of friends and family to be proactive in preventing emotional breakdowns. I did not really feel that it was therapy as it was hanging out with a person who was willing to listen and partner with me as we figured out what the root problem was, how to tackle it and overcome!"
-Female in her 20's

"Lindsay has been a wonderful asset. She keeps me pointed in a healthy direction while I work through some life changing issues.  She gently guides me on my journey of changing who I am into who I want to be.  I can see Gods hand working through her."
-Male in his 40's