Intake Session (1st session only)- $200/ 50 minutes      
Sessions Thereafter- $180/ 50 minutes

Typically I see clients once a week for a 50 minute session, however depending on the client's concerns being addressed and financial resources, counseling may occur more or less frequently.  While the intake process may take 3 sessions, insurance will only be billed the greater "Intake Session" fee of $200 one time.  There is great variation in how long therapy may last, again depending on each person's particular circumstances as well as ability to invest in therapeutic work outside of sessions (homework assignments, skills practice, book reading, etc.)  Some people may feel significant relief within 2 or 3 sessions whereas others may decide to continue therapy on a long-term basis for a year or more.
I will be happy to bill your insurance company.  All clients will be responsible for paying for all out of pocket expenses at the time the session is held (unless we have agreed upon some other arrangement). This includes any co-pays or deductibles for those with insurance and the full fee for those paying private pay.  I am a preferred provider for various insurances and am frequently applying for other insurance panels as well.  If I am not an “in-network” provider for your specific insurance company, then you may opt to use “out-of-network" benefits provided your insurance company honors those.  I do ask that you contact your insurance company to check benefits for outpatient mental health office visits including any deductible that applies, copay, and/or coinsurance. I will be happy to help with any questions you may have.

 In-network Insurances
Lifewise of Washington and Oregon
Premera Blue Cross

I am happy to bill your out-of-network benefits for you 
or provide you with a superbill to utilize out-of-network benefits.